NEC pushes for bigger slice of PC server market

NEC pushes for bigger slice of PC server market

The next generation of NEC's Express 5800 SA PC servers will push it towards the 10 per cent of market share it hopes to attain by the year 2000, according to Julian Walhew, NEC's general manager, marketing, information systems and personal products group.

Launched in Sydney yesterday, NEC's range of five servers cater to markets from sub-entry level for small-to-medium business through to high-end corporate solutions designed to deliver 99.9 per cent up-time and rapidly process even the most intensive of thin-client terminal server applications.

Distributed through its traditional authorised distribution and dealer channel, NEC claim the Express 5800 Sa series of servers are the first in this country to introduce constant computing on the Microsoft NT platform. Using an endurance system developed by NEC -- the NEC EnduranceNT -- the Express servers are said to deliver the type of mission-critical performance specifications we have come to expect from more expensive proprietary solutions.

In cohorts with Commercial Solutions, an NEC distributor and channel partner, MulteLink Communications has already developed an NEC EnduranceNT-based server offering that will combine PC and telephone functions and deliver long distance call charge savings to users.

The MulteLink smartphone will be able to perform e-mail and Internet browsing functions as well as automatically routing outgoing calls through the cheapest carrier on a call-by-call basis. An NEC EnduranceNT server will store all the data for the different carriers and automatically update the smartphones every night so users get the best rate for the long distance call destination they are dialling.

A smart card advance payment system will eradicate the multi-billing frustrations which eventuate from using more than one carrier.

NEC claimed that the Express 5800/100Sa is a sub-entry-level server will be the best priced tier one server and will be target at small to medium business. The NEC Express 5800/110Sa entry-level server offers slightly higher processing speeds and is designed to be a workgroup server for small business or corporate departments.

The NEC Express 5800/120Sa server is for high performance file and print applications designed to give" performance for today and investment protection headroom for the next century". The NEC Express 5800/130Sa server has "mission critical reliability and performance" and is designed for medium scale applications.

With up to four Pentium II Xeon (400MHz) processors and as much as 4GB of memory, the top-of-the range NEC Express 5800/150S server is for "extreme performance" and can run the most robust of thin client server applications. NEC says that it is suited to "operational situations that demand servers with exceptional levels of reliability, performance and fault tolerance".


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