Notes from the field Bobby's flying blind, feeling nauseous

Notes from the field Bobby's flying blind, feeling nauseous

I haven't been feeling myself recently. Last week I took a turbulent flight from New York to San Francisco and my stomach hasn't been the same since. In fact, anyone who knows me (the real me, that is, not my evil twin) knows I hate flying at the best of times. In fact, the only thing I hate more than flying is lawyers.

Microsoft, on the other hand, seems to love lawyers, so much so that I'm told it has retained the services of San Francisco outfit Littler Mendelson (or Hitler Mussolini, as I hear they're nicknamed). The company specialises in employment and labour issues; rumour is that Microsoft wants to stomp on an embryonic attempt at employee unionisation.

I'm also told that Littler Mendelson bent over backward to win Microsoft as a client - to the extent that it is ripping out its entire IT software infrastructure (which was based on NetWare 4.10 and used WordPerfect and cc:Mail applications) in order to standardise on Microsoft's products.

Licensing agreements

But if Microsoft wants to reduce its legal bills, it would be well-advised to check Littler's licensing agreements: I'm told the number of users at Littler far exceeds the number of licences. If true, I'm sure it's an oversight - whoever heard of a dishonest lawyer?

Next time I fly, I'm talking to Platinum first. Apparently, the company will next month release the new version of Forest & Trees, which includes support for 3D imaging through the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, or VRML.

So why is this a flying aid?

To demonstrate how useful the technology is, the company is talking about how it can be used to generate a 3D representation of a plane's flight path, allowing users to click anywhere on the image to get information about where they are on the route, what the weather conditions are likely to be further through the journey, or anything else they may need to know.

If I'm going to be sick on a plane, I at least like to know when it will all be over.

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