Yamaha releases rewritable CD drives

Yamaha releases rewritable CD drives

CD-RW drives, which can record CD-ROMs on both permanent (CD-R) or rewritable (CD-RW) media, have grabbed the lion's share of the hot market for CD writers. This week Yamaha entered the fray in a big way by announcing a line of ten CD-RW drives-including several models that offer both 4X write/rewrite and 16X read performance, the first time such a combination has been available in a CD-RW drive.

Available next month, Yamaha's CD-RW drives come in both internal EIDE and internal/external SCSI versions, with list prices between $US450 and $US650.

Slow read speeds in other CD-RW drives often made users opt for a second high-speed CD-ROM drive for their everyday disc-reading needs. But although Yamaha's eliminated the speed problem, the high-speed, one-drive solution comes at a hefty price premium. The internal EIDE 4X/16X CRW4416S lists for $US580, the external SCSI CRW4416Sx for $US650.

In comparison, Hewlett-Packard's market-leading CD-RW drives cost about $US350 for an internal EIDE model. But the pairing of a CD-RW and CD-ROM drive in one PC vastly simplifies the process of making copies of CD-ROMs.

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