Stand-alone CorporateTime 4.0 ideal for enterprise

Stand-alone CorporateTime 4.0 ideal for enterprise

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies are continually being challenged to find new and more efficient ways to manage their most valuable resource: time. Scheduling meetings between individuals and groups via telephone or e-mail is increasingly becoming a thing of the past as companies look to networked scheduling solutions such as Corporate Software & Technologies' (CS&T's) CorporateTime.

CorporateTime 4.0 is a complete scheduling solution for any large-scale global enterprise. Used efficiently, it could eliminate the need for costly telephone calls and never-ending e-mail.

CorporateTime's cross-platform compatibility and its support for multiple languages are its two greatest advantages.

CorporateTime's Server supports native Win-dows, Macintosh, and Unix clients. The Windows client is available in eight languages, making it a very versatile and popular international tool.

I also found CorporateTime's independence from proprietary e-mail or messaging solutions a real boon.

Stand-alone solution

Instead of trying to compete directly with large e-mail and calendaring software vendors such as Lotus, Microsoft, and Netscape, CS&T has designed its product as a stand-alone solution that requires no additional software. If you use CorporateTime, you will never be locked into a single vendor solution. Currently, most calendaring software works only with a particular accompanying program. For example, Lotus' calendaring software requires the use of Lotus Notes.

If you are looking for a versatile, stand-alone solution that will work across the enterprise, then CorporateTime is well worth considering.

I tested the Windows NT version of CorporateTime and experienced no notable problems. I started my testing by setting up the server and adding a few users and resources including conference rooms, and other facilities.

I found some of the server configuration options confusing, and they could be better explained in the documentation.

However, once I had users and resources set up, I found scheduling meetings, tasks, posting reminders, forming user groups, and reserving resources to be a snap. One feature I especially liked is the ease with which CorporateTime allows users to block off time for proposed meetings. It then allows colleagues to notify others whether they will be attending the meeting by simply clicking on a dialogue box.

The interface is solid and I found it to be very easy to use. In addition, CS&T has recently released a Web-enabled version of CorporateTime. The Web-enabled server is designed to offer a "thin" version of CorporateTime to users so they can access and alter their scheduling information from any Web browser. This makes CorporateTime useful both on the desk and on the road.

When committing to any type of enterprise solution it is always important to keep other options in mind. If your business is already using a single-vendor e-mail solution, such as Netscape Messenger, your best bet is to see what type of calendar product your vendor offers and whether it suits your needs.

Keep in mind that CorporateTime is designed to be a stand-alone calendar and scheduling tool. Don't expect the kind of advanced features that other software packages such as Lotus Notes and GroupWise might offer.

CorporateTime does offer support for directory services from Netscape, Control Data, and Isocor. Take a look at CorporateTime 4.0.

CorporateTime 4.0

This scheduling package is relatively easy to use and offers some very handy features. Setting up the server may be difficult for some, but once it's done, CorporateTime provides glitch-free use.

Pros: Versatile; stand-alone package; supports Web-based schedulingCons: Somewhat complicated server setup; lacks solid documentationPlatforms: Server: Unix, Windows NT; Client: Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh, and Unix.

Price: Available on application

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