Microsoft to boost channel sales skills

Microsoft to boost channel sales skills

Microsoft is set to announce sales of a specialist training program in a direct shot at boosting the channel's knowledge of its products. Geoff Wright, Microsoft Australia's organisation customer unit director said the two full-day or two week part time course covers the technical, core product and licensing areas of Microsoft products.

In an exclusive interview with IDG Communications, Wright revealed the Microsoft Sales Specialist will be officially announced next month.

Wright said initial feedback from Com Tech, Praxa, GE and a number of distributors has been positive. In particular, he said distributors will benefit.

"It's a means for the distributor to have their sales team able to help the reseller in their purchasing decisions.

"It's all well and good for the technical people to be very skilled, but if the sales person doesn't understand the technology that's a chink in the armour," he said.

"The program really allows people and organisations to know that their sales people actually have the skills to sell the product."

Wright reports the Microsoft Sales Specialist program is based on a successful UK-based sales training initiative.

He said feedback from the UK program revealed customer products complaints were "noticeably decreased".

Microsoft will supply training partners with information to host the exam, which Wright said will cost $65. The specific training companies involved have not yet been announced.

In addition to channel sales people, he said Microsoft's channel team is also undergoing the training and exams.

Wright said new components will be added to the program to offer repeat training as new products are released.

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