Praxis deftly transcends multiple data boundaries

Praxis deftly transcends multiple data boundaries

IT departments that must manage mission- critical data housed in multiple database products already know what a daunting task it is. Praxis' OmniEnterprise 3.0 offers strategic relief by providing tools to better manage the blending and movement of disparate data stores.

Although I haven't evaluated any off-the-shelf tools that compete with OmniEnterprise, in my former life as an IT manager, I had to manually create processes to accommodate the movement of data between mixed sources and targets. This method is a big improvement. OmniEnterprise does provide solid data movement support for some widely used databases including DB2 on MVS, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server. However, support for other data stores, such as DB2/400, Informix on Linux, e-mail data, and others would add greater value to the product. The company does plan to add support for more data stores.

Integral to OmniEnterprise is the graphical console - OmniDirector. I used the interface to define an Enterprise Information Sharing Model - a framework that describes your data environment and the configuration. OmniDirector simplifies the configuration nicely. I found that there were a few different ways I could achieve data movement with OmniEnterprise. Continuous replication support - found in the OmniReplicator - enabled fast copying of changed data between my test Oracle and Sybase data stores in near real time.

Conditional partitioning

I found some of the OmniEnterprise features particularly useful. For example, the product supports horizontal, vertical, and conditional data partitioning. I especially liked the conditional partitioning because I could move data only when it met certain conditions. This meant I did not have to move huge amounts of data unnecessarily.

Administrators can also broadcast data from a source to multiple targets or use cascade mode to forward data to one or more databases. OmniEnterprise is a solid tool that offers good value. Administrators who manage mixed data will find OmniEnterprise worth considering.

The Bottom Line

OmniEnterprise 3.0 prerelease

Organisations with mission-critical data housed in mixed database settings will find this data movement software well worth looking into.

Pros: Application independent; offers data replication, copying, and bulk extract and load services; wide range of database supportCons: Needs support for additional relational, nonrelational data storesPlatforms: MVS, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Windows NT; Databases: DB2, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server.

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