An OS by any other name

An OS by any other name

It's an operating system with an identity crisis, and it warrants a '90s rewrite of the classic song: "I say 'Lynn-ux,' you say 'Lie-nux.' "Of course, pronunciation of Linux is secondary to its usage, but inquiring minds want to know. It appears that the majority of those who use it say "Lynn-ux."

Still, standard English phonetics indicate that it should be "Lie-nux." Bob Young, CEO of Red Hat Software, referenced a rule of Olde English that says a combination of "vowel, consonant, vowel" makes the first vowel a long vowel - as in "Lie-nux."

However, he cut to the chase to say what all die-hard Linux users likely think when the argument comes up. "We don't care what you call it as long you use it," Young said.

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