Yamaha introduces fast, new CD-RW drives

Yamaha introduces fast, new CD-RW drives

CD-RW drives, which can record CD-ROMs on both permanent (CD-R) or rewritable (CD-RW) media, have grabbed the lion's share of the hot market for CD writers.

Yamaha has entered the fray in a big way by announcing a line of 10 CD-RW drives - including several models that offer both 4x write/rewrite and 16x read performance, the first time such a combination has been available in a CD-RW drive.

Slow read speeds in other CD-RW drives often made users opt for a second high-speed CD-ROM drive for their everyday disc-reading needs.

But although Yamaha has eliminated the speed problem, the high-speed, one-drive solution comes at a hefty price premium.

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