Networking fever

Networking fever

One of the many distributors to have caught the networking bug recently is CHA. The com-pany recently popped the seals on its Citrix directions with the acquisition of Melbourne-based distributor, Attsoft. Now, the Vulture can report that it has its eyes firmly planted on hub, switch and router gear for small to medium businesses.

Expect a vendor partnership between CHA and a networking vendor with high aspirations for the low-end networking market to be blurted out in the next few weeks.

The Vulture is ready to accept bets on Intel as CHA's suitor.

Meanwhile, The Vulture has it on good authority that a number of big time notebook players have knocked back a massive 37,000 notebook deal offered by the Victorian Education Department. Expect a bold showing from Acer, which has recently taken the PC tender world by storm, and of course the old fave, Toshiba, should be in the field.

However, the Vulture has heard mutterings that Compaq didn't even front at the starting line with a bid and that fellow notebook monsters IBM may be a little pricey for the schoolies.

The Vulture is tempted to tip the scales in Acer's favour given the vendor's strong education links, however Toshiba cannot be discounted and would be spitting chips if its flagship gear didn't win out. Stay tuned for some serious bragging when the winner is announced!

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