Notebook users loyal to hardware brands

Notebook users loyal to hardware brands

When it comes to lowering the total cost of notebook PC ownership, it appears that neither the bait of a lower price from second and third-tier vendors nor the often promoted quality of first-tier service and support has as much value to IT managers as supporting fewer products.

"We try [to] buy only one or two brands," said Phyllis Koch, IT director for the City of Miami. "The people-time used up in learning a [new] box costs far more than the pennies saved on the hardware."

Brand familiarity

Kharim Hogan, president and CEO of N-Dimensions, a consulting company in Montreal, also believes "familiarity with the brand" will reduce potential service and support costs. Hogan is not impressed with support from system vendors.

"From third-party support I can get on-site service within the hour and knowledge of our in-house environment which is worth far more to me than what the manufacturer can offer me with their production line service options full of half-baked techies who don't really get the problem," Hogan said.

Price, surprisingly, is not a major decision point for some IT managers, who are confronted with the choice of similarly configured systems for hundreds and even thousands of dollars' difference.

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