Dataflow readies live e-commerce site

Dataflow readies live e-commerce site

Sydney-based distributor Dataflow Computer Services has extended the reseller services component of its Web site to allow retailers and dealers to keep an eye on the status of their back-orders, statements, credit notes and invoices. This preludes Dataflow's plans to operate a fully live, e-commerce site within 12 months.

In a clear manifestation of the increasing demand from resellers for more accurate and timely stock and delivery information via the Internet, Dataflow has also been working on plans to further enhance the level of service available through its online reseller services.

The next task for the Dataflow Web site will be to make available consignment and dispatch information for order fulfilment, so that resellers can check where an expected delivery is at any given time. Concurrently, they are working on a sell through reporting system to keep vendors informed of their inventory levels and sales patterns.

In addition to obtaining these services through a secure, encrypted link which requires a password to get in, daily updated price lists are available in either an Excel or text file format. Product availability data is updated every half-hour.

A spokesperson from Dataflow said the Reseller Services aspect of its Web site had been refined over the last few months in response to positive feedback and increased demand from customers. While still in the early stages of development and with plenty of further functionality extensions planned for the future, the Web site is already making it easier for companies to do business with Dataflow.

Meanwhile, it has the added benefit for Dataflow of reducing the number of incoming customer service calls it receives from custom- ers seeking basic, yet crucial, order fulfilment information.

Existing customers can gain access to the Reseller Services section of Dataflow's Web site by contacting their account executive for a password or by clicking the "Apply for Reseller Services" button on the Web site's home page.

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