Microsoft duds it at Com Tech

Microsoft duds it at Com Tech

Apparently the tequila and assorted other happiness-inducing substances on offer at the Com Tech Forum couldn't alleviate the dullness of Microsoft's NT 5.0 presentation.

Unlike Novell's NetWare 5.0 briefing, which gave a thorough account of that product's new features, those who sat in on what was meant to be a discussion of the much-delayed NT 5.0 were instead surprised to receive a lecture on the benefits of version 4.0.

"It amounted to little more than a waste of time," was the comment from one disenchanted Forum delegate. And he was not alone, with a number of other folks expressing similar sentiments.

So it seems Microsoft's much-vaunted marketing machine may have a bit of work to do if it's going to get people onto the NT 5.0 bandwagon and keep them there until the product finally gets to market.

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