Real developers to upstage Microsoft reps at Developer Day

Real developers to upstage Microsoft reps at Developer Day

Despite being an event to support the release of Microsoft's new Visual Studio 6.0, organisers of this month's Microsoft Developer Day are promising a balanced introduction to the new product.

"We have a fair bit of freedom in what's presented," said Brian Walshe, Praxa's marketing director, and one of two "regional directors" appointed by Microsoft to organise Developer Day 98.

"Developers by and large are cynical about marketing messages and are more interested in the actual tools.

"So we'll pick what we regard to be the best developers in the country to present on each of the tools, instead of just a Microsoft marketing manager to do a product spiel."

Walshe claims that while Microsoft is funding the event and pro- viding a lot of the base content, the focus of the day will be to give developers a technical understanding of Visual Studio 6.0, not a marketing perspective.

"We really want to try and make sure that a developer can go along and in one day get his head across Visual Studio," Walshe said.

"If you think how long it would normally take them to work through it themselves, attending Developer Day 98 could save them a lot of time."

Ask questions

Walshe said developers will also benefit from having the opportunity to ask questions about the products people actually "use for a living".

Microsoft expects to attract in excess of 100,000 developers to the Sydney version of this worldwide event and claims they are one of the most well-attended conferences on the company's calendar.

Developer Days 98 will be held in Melbourne on the 21st of this month, followed by Sydney on the 23rd and Brisbane on the 25th.

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