Novell's ZEN and the year 2000

Novell's ZEN and the year 2000

NetWare customers grappling with year 2000 problems may find help in ZENworks 1.1, an upgraded desktop management tool Novell plans to ship later this year.

Novell and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), a British maker of year 2000 software, recently announced that GMT's Check 2000 product will be bundled and work as a snap-in with ZENworks 1.1.

Check 2000 finds and fixes year 2000 compliance problems with PC Basic Input/Output Systems, operating systems, applications and data held by or shared between databases and spreadsheets.

Used in conjunction with ZENworks and Novell Directory Services, Check 2000 will allow customers to remotely assess year 2000 compliance on PC desktops and distribute new software or patches as needed, according to the companies. In addition, the combination of products will let administrators set desktop configuration policies and monitor end-user adherence.

Customers who apply year 2000 desktop fixes manually risk more than simply running out of time, according to Novell.

"They'll go to every single PC painstakingly, and by the time they go from the first one to the last one, a year has passed," says Michael Simpson, a Novell product manager.

"The PC they started with could be completely changed by then and replaced by something else," which may or may not be year 2000 compliant, he says.

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