Compaq launches bottom-dollar 17In monitor

Compaq launches bottom-dollar 17In monitor

How cheap can monitors get? Right now, in the US, you can go out and buy a 17in monitor for what a 15in one cost last year.

That makes it a good bet that 15in monitors will soon go the way of 14in ones and will be bought only by those on shoestring budgets.

Compaq Computer recently announced its latest 17in model - the S700 - with a street price of $US329.

For perspective, the average cost of a PC World Top 10 15in model last year was a bit over $US330.

The average Top 10 17in monitor was going for about $US750 at about the same time. Granted, most 17in monitors aren't as inexpensive as the new Compaq.

In fact, the least expensive model on our current September 1998 Top 10 is $US70 more than the new Compaq.

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