Can GroupWise 5.5 convince the sceptics?

Can GroupWise 5.5 convince the sceptics?

Document management enhancements are probably the key new features to Novell's just released GroupWise 5.5.

Novell last week began shipping its newest messaging and collaboration software, which had been code-named Surge. The company believes the revised product will help convince sceptics that GroupWise deserves the same consideration from customers and industry watchers as market leaders Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.

Among the enhancements in GroupWise 5.5 are:

Intelligent routing capabilities that determine whether the intended recipients of a document are internal GroupWise users or outsiders, with the former getting only a pointer to the document and the latter a full copy.

A "related fields" capability that ensures repeated data, such as the identification number of a customer account, is input accurately throughout a form.

Document echoing that lets a mobile user copy documents to a laptop, work with those documents and resynchronise with GroupWise upon returning to the office.

Native Internet addressing that allows businesses using the messaging system to exchange data in a way that maintains encryption and full GroupWise fidelity during transport.

Improved calendaring and scheduling capabilities, including new print views.

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