NetWare 5.0: the launch that had to happen

NetWare 5.0: the launch that had to happen

Despite already shipping NetWare 5.0 ahead of schedule last week, Novell executives were out in force yesterday, claiming its newest operating system will "change the face of computing".

John Slitz, Novell's senior vice president, corporate marketing, said the timely release of NetWare 5,0 ahead of schedule and well in advance of Microsoft's NT 5.0 and Active Directory service (ADS), "fundamentally" alters the scene in the marketplace.

"I don't know anyone who wants to wait two years for NT 5.0 and ADS," Slitz said.

Slitz said Novell is expecting in the order of 100,000 beta users to convert to the NetWare 5.0 operating system in the next three or four months.

According to officials, the release of NetWare 5.0 and NDS (Novell Directory Service) signifies a move into the Internet space by the networker.

Glenn Ricart, Novell's executive vice president and chief technology officer, said the company's 80-million-customer installed base has been merged with the 80 million users of the Internet through the release of NetWare 5.0 and several other new products all equipped with Internet-specific technology.

NetWare 5.0 and NDS provide management for network applications, users, desktops, protocols and other network components as well as Internet integration and security to businesses, officials said.

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