EDS launches Web site to track Y2K product compliance

EDS launches Web site to track Y2K product compliance

Electronic Data Systems (EDS) this week launched a Web site providing free access to businesses, government agencies and individuals seeking information on year 2000 product compliance.

The site, Vendor 2000, ( currently includes information on more than 129,000 products from just over 3400 vendors and is growing daily, according to EDS officials.

Most older software programs were written with two-digit date fields that are likely to read the "00" in 2000 as "1900" and therefore fail to make correct calculations. Companies and government agencies worldwide have been scrambling to fix such software or to scrap it altogether and implement new systems.

One vendor whose software products are not listed on the site is, ironically, EDS. During the teleconference, a reporter accessed the Web site and searched the database for EDS and its products, but found no listing and asked about that lack of detail.

EDS officials said that the site is intended more as a service for the public, providing details on other vendors, but left open the possibility that the company will provide information about its own software.

Officials said the vendor database is continually updated with additions of companies and products and changes in compliance status. Some products listed now as compliant might not be in the future as vendors continue to "catch up internally", changing systems and software code, said John McClain, president of EDS and CIO Services.

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