IBM ThinkPad PC rockets toward higher resolution

IBM ThinkPad PC rockets toward higher resolution

IBM will unveil in October a version of the ThinkPad 770 that will be the first to use a new high-resolution LCD technology, code-named Monet.

The LCD unit will be equivalent to CRT Super XGA (SXGA) quality and, in its first generation, will display 150 pixels per inch, with a 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution at 16 million colours - about twice the resolution of current LCDs.

The ThinkPad 770 with the SXGA display will sell to markets that need extremely high screen resolution, such as engineering and financial modelling.

With an approximate 14in display, a 300MHz Intel Pentium II, and an 8GB hard drive, the unit will sell for about $US6000.

IBM's research division is already showing off a 200-pixel-per-inch version dubbed the Roentgen display after the German discoverer of the X-ray, Wilhelm Roentgen.

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