The whale in full flight

The whale in full flight

The snap you've all been waiting for: the golden moment from the recent Cisco Olympics. Forget Perkins, Hackett or Thorpe - for style and grace in the pool, how can anyone go past LAN Systems legend Nick Verykios? Powering his way down the pool, Verykios shows why he is firm favourite for the inflatable whale riding event in the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Even Tabloid's masterful wordsmiths couldn't do justice to this photo, so we've decided to run a caption content. Send your suggested caption to We'll come up with a prize of some sort later.

Runner up for golden moment was the branding event, where members of Tech Pacific, LAN Systems and Express Data were huddled in a ring while balls were thrown at them. Now, this event would have been really fun if it had been resellers hurling the projectiles. Tabloid can't think of a better way of judging which distributor has happier customers.

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