Ad? what ad?

Ad? what ad?

Apple has been enjoying rather a lot of goodwill lately, thanks mainly to iMac, its new consumer machine. Part of the success of the machine can be attributed to a high-powered marketing campaign that's been in full swing since July. At least in the US.

Out here, it seems Apple's a little shy about some of the ads. One in particular shows the iMac and its seven year old owner pitted in a race against an MBA student with a Wintel PC to get the machines connected to the Internet. It's not that it's a bad ad or anything, but Apple Australia is fairly reliant on the goodwill of the manufacturer of said Wintel PC for printers and USB connection kits (for the sake of anonymity I'll only use its initals: HP).

Apple Australia referred to the ad on the front of its AppleNews newsletter for customers, but doesn't identify the anonymous Wintel manufacturer. Naturally, ARN Tabloid does not wish to cause mischief, so we won't refer you to the ad on the Web at com/imac/theater/simple.html

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