Compaq rejects up for grabs

Compaq rejects up for grabs

The old line: "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" certainly doesn't seem to apply to the current bunfight over the Compaq distribution model. While The Vulture is eagerly anticipating the vendor's October announcement of its extravagant model, word is that a few notable channel types are probably losing some much-needed kip just thinking about whether they made it into Compaq's good books or not.

Some have even already resigned themselves to the unfortunate fact that Compaq just doesn't like them in that special way and are already looking elsewhere to garner some belated kudos. And who else is better suited to play the role of "shoulder to cry on" than Compaq arch-rival and fellow big three player, Hewlett-Packard.

The Vulture has it on good authority that HP is struggling to keep the locks on the doors as disgruntled distributors and resellers, who are far from happy with Compaq's future plans, look for greener pastures.

And it seems the enterprise is where all the action could well take place once Compaq reveals its real buddies sometime next month. The Vulture recently learned that HP is holding at least 10 discussions with various channel players, some of which are disgruntled Compaq rejects.

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