Channel growth for Xerox brand

Channel growth for Xerox brand

Having watched its fledgling channel sales of network printers in Australia grow by more than 100 per cent in the last 12 months, traditional direct seller Fuji Xerox is closely monitoring the push into US retail markets by its parent company, with a view to mirroring the trend locally.

National channels manager for Fuji Xerox Forest McGregor told ARN last week that rising channel sales have been a healthy addition to its Australian operations and there is still a lot more room for growth.

The channel presence won't stop at VARs and systems integrators, however. Reports from the US indicate that Xerox is contemplating continued channel sales expansion. It is planning to introduce as many as 60 new products for personal and network computing environments over the next few years to get at SOHO markets through over 10,000 retail outlets.

"There have been a few announcements in the US about Xerox moving into SOHO markets through retail, but it is a little pre-emptive to say the same thing is happening in Australia," said McGregor.

"We will be watching what happens in the US, but retail is very much just a navel-gazing exercise at this stage. We wouldn't enter the SOHO market unless the economics stacked up and if we did it would be at least 12 to18 months down the line," he said.

While there is no plan or schedule set at the moment for an Australian move into retail, McGregor believes it to be just a matter of time.

"When we do go into retail, we would be looking at gaining about 10 per cent market share because that amount would be needed to make the economics stack up. It would be the same for anybody wanting to get into that market."

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