iMac day a success for Apple resellers

iMac day a success for Apple resellers

The first day of sale for Apple's all-in-one consumer computer, the iMac, has been called a success by most of the resellers approached by ARN. Apple dubbed the 5th of September "iMac Day" and encouraged its AppleCentre resellers to promote the release of the machine as an "event", complete with special in-store promotions and displays.

This mirrored the release dates of the machine in other countries, where consumer response has been overwhelming. In the US, early reports indicate the iMac was the biggest-selling PC model in the month of August, despite having only been available since the 17th. And in Japan, 15,000 machines sold out in two hours.

Overall results

All of the resellers ARN visited or spoke to were happy with the overall results of the day, though some had reservations. Several, who preferred not to be identified, were critical of the limited availability of the machine. Initial stocks had run out for some resellers on the day or shortly after, and they were already taking back orders. One reseller told ARN "[Apple] encouraged us to spend money promoting the day, then didn't supply enough machines to meet demand". Apple managing director Di Ryall admitted there had been supply problems, but told ARN "everything is ramping very well" to meet the higher than expected demand.

Mike Jacobs, of Sydney's AppleCentre CBD, said that at the peak of trading, 10 machines had left his store within 10 minutes. Another spokesman for that store told ARN that there had been a lot of interest from both first-time users and Wintel users, not just existing Mac customers.

Issac Osis, a salesperson at StatusGraph in Sydney, explained that the machine appeals to people because "it's the future they've been promised since the 1960s. This looks like the kind of computer the Jetsons would use."

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