Cisco to continue investing in Asia

Cisco to continue investing in Asia

While most multinational companies have become wary of the problems plaguing Asia's economy, Cisco Systems is digging in its heels for the long haul.

Cisco chairman and co-founder John Morgridge said during an interview with Computerworld Philippines that the company intends to continue its investments in the region, beefing up its operations in terms of marketing and building up their channel partnerships in the region.

"We've always had the ability to take some level of risk," said Morgridge. "We think that in the long-term, this is going to be a strong market, a big market. And even in the short-term, we believe that companies are going to have to invest at some level to develop their network capability if they're going to be competitive on an ongoing basis."

"There is going to be an explosion of services and capabilities online," said Morgridge. "Certainly, we're already experiencing that in the US. We already have a connectivity level that is large enough to make it a very meaningful market."

Morgridge added that another important issue is the opportunity presented by voice and data integration as well as the explosion of actual commerce and information in the networked environment.

"In the short-term, voice may be driven by economic factors," said Morgridge. "But in the long-term, it's all of the new services that are going to be available in an integrated environment that will make a difference."

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