Channel surfing

Channel surfing

Nick Verykios, LAN Systems marketing director, founder of 1World Systems, former punk rocker and noted whale watcher, brings an unusual set of philosophies and beliefs to the channel. These are reflected in the way he conducts his business and also in an eclectic selection of favourite Web sites. Check them out I spend most of my surfing time on work related things by definition. And no, I'm not going to talk about the LAN Systems site, because that would be a gross abuse of this platform (but check it out anyway).www.worldvision.comI've got four foster kiddies so I suppose there is a financial as well as an emotional incentive. But my advice to anyone is to invest 30 minutes on this site. I can guarantee that you are going to meet some people you will never, ever forget. Come on then. You can't be that content with your current circle of some days you need to drop the Dead Kennedys. OK, you can take the boy out of the punk band, but you can never take the punk out of the boy. It's going to take more than a haircut, removal of some heavy body metal and convincing your newborn that the tats are war wounds.

This is a great site if you are into discovering real punk and not the crap most people refer to where some idiot is screaming down a cheap microphone they stole from a street busker. Look for other great punk bands like Hanoi Rocks, Poki Little Puppy, Lung Slug, New York Dolls and The Doors.www.surfingworld.comAn Australian site, a classic and still the best. If I want to know where the crystal lies, why would I be surfing the American pie. Pretty dumb don't you think? Elegant views and review, and the average 34 year old can understand the lingo. I still don't know what "gnarly" really means.www.rollingstone.comWarning: you are going to need substantial bandwidth but you can do anything here from discovering new music, revitalising your interest in the classic stuff (The Doors, Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Stones), buy, sell, trade music, and I can guarantee you hours of entertainment. It is a shrine rather than merely a Web site and, last I heard, was outselling the bible.www.crazyhorse.orgThe official site of the Crazy Horse Monument foundation and the only site that gives a true account of this great man's philosophies and purpose. I am a fan of the indigenous American. But if the following quote from Crazy Horse means something to you, check out the site: "Spirit of the eagle, grant me this vision, that each living thing live in peace and harmony for ever". v

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