Rose is jumping through hoops

Rose is jumping through hoops

Having tried everything else, Rose recently went to a hypnotherapist to try to cure her addiction to cigarettes. He sounds like a good guy: as a special free offer he promised "to throw in a bit about drinking as well".

I'll bet the Microsoft product manager at the recent Large Installation Systems Administration for NT show, in Seattle, wishes he had had a hypnotist at his disposal to keep the audience quiet. He was discussing a forthcoming product that aims to deliver Unix-style scripting and shell services to NT. The product includes the Mortise Kern Systems windowing Korn shell, and he got into a dispute with someone at the back of the room who claimed that the shell wasn't very compatible with Unix, and that it didn't do a lot of things correctly that are defined in the Korn shell language spec.

The two kept going back and forth until the Microsoft product manager was told by someone else that he was, in fact, arguing with David Korn - the author of the Korn shell. The crowd went insane with laughter.

Still on the Microsoft front, I hear that Netscape isn't giving up the browser battle: The new beta version of Netscape 4.5 encourages users to set their default home page to its own Netcenter portal site. But Microsoft Internet Explorer users who let Netscape default to its own home page may get a surprise: Netscape also changes the default home page in Internet Explorer to Netcenter.

Taking on Microsoft

And now that Oracle is taking on Microsoft by bundling a file system with its Oracle8i database, we're told that its one-time "Visual Basic killer", PowerObjects, has been shelved as a nonsupported product right up there next to the defunct Hat Trick Java application.

Meanwhile, attendees at SAP's SAPphire convention in Los Angeles were apparently hypnotised by the floodlit 6-foot-high Trilogy logo in a vacant lot across from the show.

Trilogy didn't get a booth at SAPphire - a convention at which SAP was showing off a sales configuration module that will compete head-to-head with Trilogy's.

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