Novell preps new version of BorderManager suite

Novell preps new version of BorderManager suite

Novell has introduced a beta version of BorderManager Enterprise Edition 3.0, an upcoming release with beefed up management and security features, a wider array of proxy filters and more caching options.

Users testing pre-beta code since June say the most sought-after new feature of BorderManager 3.0 is its single sign-on capability. The feature lets a Novell Directory Services (NDS) password be used to tap into all of BorderManager's services.

Administrators have been able to define access to BorderManager services using NDS since the original product started shipping late last year. However, separate passwords for access to internal networks, external Web sites or remote access services were maintained within NDS because BorderManager couldn't securely send NDS passwords out over the public network.

Supports schemes

The new version supports Secure Sockets Layer and most popular encryption schemes, including IP Security, Secure Key Management for Internet Protocol, Data Encryption Standard, 3DES, RC2 and RC5.

BorderManager 3.0 also offers customers more latitude regarding the types of information they can filter through the firewall and proxy services.

Novell has also upgraded its BorderManager caching service - called Novell FastCache - to include transparent cache insertion, active caching support and reverse HTTP and FTP caching. BorderManager 3.0 is set to ship by year-end.

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