Network Associates launches McAfee Office

Network Associates launches McAfee Office

Jumping on the packaged suite bandwagon, Network Associates' McAfee Software division has announced it is launching McAfee Office, a suite it claims will deliver over $800 worth of utility products for just $199.

Network Associates' retail channel manager, Richard Treloggen, said McAfee Office is a suite for Windows 95/98 and that it will ship early this month. He said the introduction of the suite is part of a large move on consumer markets by McAfee that will see more training staff in the field, a higher profile merchandising presence in retail outlets and new consumer products and packages.

Treloggen said McAfee Office is part of a renewed focus by Network Associates on merchandising in the retail sector. A transformation to common look and feel for all McAfee packaging is under way and more staff have been deployed to help train staff and optimise sales.

"Our research shows that sales can increase by as much as 100 to 300 per cent through good merchandising," said Treloggen. "More and more consumers know exactly what they want when entering a computer store and they will feel most comfortable in the store that makes it easy for them to find what they are looking for."

"We want to get much closer to our customers, keep our products affordable and to promote them better," said Treloggen.

"Our retailers want to find out more about what we have in the pipeline so they can better prepare for it and try some different forms of marketing."

To be marketed to the corporate and consumer markets, McAfee Office will include VirusScan, Nuts & Bolts 98, First Aid 98, UnInstaller, Guard Dog, Hurricane 98, Oil Change, 2000 ToolBox, and Netopia Virtual Office.

This combination of tools provides virus protection, software and hardware diagnosis and repair, streamlined system performance through memory management and disk defragmenting, hard drive cleaning, year 2000 compatibility verification and automatic data backup.

"We are going after this suite strategy in a big way," said Treloggen. "McAfee Office really promotes the fact that we have a strategy to deliver our tools to the consumer desktop," he said.

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