Customers clambering for support from resellers

Customers clambering for support from resellers

If you know a lot about distributed object databases or CORBA, massive demand at the big end of town and a severe shortage of talent is delivering huge consultancy opportunities to software developers and systems integrators, says a prominent Sydney database integrator.

According to Jim Bradshaw, managing director of high end integrator and distributor SoftGen Australia, new tools from Inprise are allowing delivery of the type of custom-developed multi-tier mission-critical applications which large enterprises are currently clambering for.

He said that with all sorts of organisations now looking for enterprise solutions and system integration, the demand for tools and services that can hook legacy databases to SAP or AS/400 applications, for example, is out of control.

"I found Inprise's Interbase relational database product to be a real sleeper. We are database people and we recognised this database product as a real opportunity," Bradshaw said.

"We have proven this by selling something like 10,000 seats so far."

In addition to experienced integrators, Bradshaw also pinpointed software developers as a channel sector that would benefit greatly from Inprise's new development tools which are aimed at total solutions provision rather than desktop development.

"There are probably over 1000 software houses developing applications for everything from accounting systems from veterinary surgeons to real estate sales management," Bradshaw said.

"These people may have up to 2000 to 3000 customers looking to modify their packages with new graphic interfaces and embedded databases underneath them and we have found the Interbase tool to be fantastic for that."

Graham Porter, Inprise Australia's marketing director, said that despite the vendor's origins in direct marketing, a successful recent move into retail channels with desktop development tools and GenSoft's success has encouraged further expansion of distribution channels.

"All areas of the channel are important to us," said Porter. "When we look at where Inprise's future growth is going to come from, we recognise we must have channel partnerships to get into all the vertical markets and we will be doing much more to support those who want to sell or use our tools."

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