Touchstone improves consumer Net access

Touchstone improves consumer Net access

Brisbane-based software distributor, publisher and re-publisher, Manaccom has released NetOptimizer, the latest product in the Check-It range from Touchstone Software, which it claims to be the only Internet performance utility to speed up every Internet operation.

At a retail price of $49.95, CheckIt NetOptimizer adjusts the computer's modem, port and software settings to accept data faster from the Internet. Just like a bigger, faster phone line, data is downloaded to the computer unrestricted by "default" settings.

The process is simple. NetOptimizer's Internet Tune-Up adjusts PC settings, downloads a test file and benchmarks the results. After three passes, the changes that resulted in the best performance increase are adopted as the new standard settings, which in theory delivers an appreciably faster Internet performance.

With Net connection rapidly expanding, Ian Mackay, managing director of Manaccom, said he was excited by the potential of this product.

"We have now incorporated links to the major Australian modem manufacturers - including Netcomm, Banksia, Avtek and Simple - and we have also set up a test machine to allow purchasers to dial in and test certain features," said Mackay.

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