Xircom unveils new integrated notebook cards

Xircom unveils new integrated notebook cards

Xircom Asia Pacific has announced it is shipping the latest in its series of RealPort integrated PC cards for notebooks. They are the CardBus Ethernet 10/100, the Ethernet 10/100 and the Modem 56-GlobalACCESS.

The CardBus Ethernet 10/100 is Xircom's high performance 32-bit solution for connecting CardBus-equipped notebooks to 10 or 100Mbps ethernet networks. The 32-bit bus -mastering architecture is said to offer ethernet throughput of 80Mbps. It is also claimed to achieve up to 47 per cent lower power consumption through power-saving enhancements. These include its BatterySave power management, 3.3 volt operation, Magic Packet Wakeup technology, wake-on-LAN and ACPI specifications.

The RealPort Ethernet 10/100 is a 16-bit cable-free integrated PC card providing connection to 10 Mbps standard or 100 Mbps fast ethernet.

The RealPort Modem 56-GlobalACCESS provides 56K modem with telephone handset pass-thru via a cable-free card. As well as CountrySelect software, it includes ISDN capabilities and data support for GSM and AMPS cellular networks.

The built-in connectors on the RealPort integrated PC cards eliminate the need for external cables, overcoming broken, lost or forgotten cables and jacks.

Xircom products are distributed in Australia by CHA, Express Data and Tech Pacific. Prices on the RealPort Ethernet cards start at $275, with the Modem GlobalACCESS at $324.

Xircom Phone (02) 9911 7790

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