CORBA spec promises plug and Play app development

CORBA spec promises plug and Play app development

The upcoming 3.0 specification for the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), the translator that lets different applications communicate, has users looking forward to a Plug and Play application development world.

The goal of CORBA 3.0, backers said recently, is to make the application development standard easier to use for solving problems in a distributed environment.

The Object Management Group (OMG), the organisation of 800 member companies that administers the CORBA specification, plans to publish details of Version 3.0 in the first half of next year.

OMG unveiled the latest CORBA initiative at Comdex Enterprise '98 held here.

Executives for IBM, Inprise, Iona Technologies and BEA Systems, among others, said they plan to release products that will support CORBA 3.0.

The new specification's key additions include integrating Internet and Java technologies and support for the Component Model - a cross-language, cross-platform model that specifies a framework for Plug and Play software objects.

OMG Chairman and CEO Richard Mark Soley said application vendors need to standardise the way they implement component-based software so that users' applications "will be portable from one CORBA implementation to another. That's what CORBA 3.0 is aimed at."

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