Compaq details strategy for OpenVMS

Compaq details strategy for OpenVMS

Compaq Computer has disclosed a handful of enhancements it will introduce to OpenVMS, many of which focus on improved availability and advancing the level of integration between the 64-bit operating system and Microsoft's Windows NT.

OpenVMS, which Compaq gained through its January acquisition of Digital, is widely used for high-volume transactional processing in areas like healthcare, telephone billing and financial exchanges.

The developments include a new OpenVMS software architecture called Galaxy, an evolution of OpenVMS designed to offer greater scalability and availability. Galaxy allows multiple instances of OpenVMS to execute cooperatively in a single computer, giving customers greater ability to manage unpredictable, variable, or growing workloads, Compaq said in a statement.

OpenVMS Galaxy is scheduled to be available in January 1999 along with OpenVMS V7.2. Licences are expected to be priced at $US4500 per CPU, and can be ordered immediately, Compaq said.

Compaq also announced COM (component object model) for OpenVMS, a new implementation of Microsoft's COM technology designed to make it easier for enterprise customers to integrate Windows NT and OpenVMS applications. Increasing application portability will make software maintenance easier and less expensive, and provide for more rapid prototyping of new applications, according to Compaq.

COM for OpenVMS is scheduled to be available in January 1999, and will be priced at about $US2500 for a single system developers' licence.

Also due in January, Open VMS V7.2 will feature improved performance and flexibility for large-scale SMP systems as well as improved Windows NT integration features, Compaq said. Concurrent use licences will be available in increments from one to 256 users, and prices will start at $US128 per concurrent use, Compaq said.

Looking farther ahead, Compaq's roadmaps for OpenVMS AlphaServers and Alpha workstations are in place for the next several years.

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