May the sales force be with you

May the sales force be with you

Western Australian-based computer accessories manufacturer and distributor, Custom (Int) is introducing to Australian computer retailing the world's most successful merchandising force - Star Wars.

Having won a licensing agreement with LucasFilms, Custom (Int) are manufacturing and distributing computer mice, mousemats, CD storage units and wrist rests characterised by superstars such as Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO and Yoda.

With the digitally-enhanced, longer versions of the Star Wars trilogy released in 1997 and generating a whole new round of merchandising demand, the products are expected to have plenty of miles left in them.

Additionally, LucasFilms are currently producing three new movies which will be prequels to the Star Wars trilogy. Custom (Int) also has the licensing agreement to manufacture a new range when the first of those movies is premiered next year.

Value starter packs are available from Custom (Int) for retailers who want to sell the range. The packs offer a spread of products and some marketing paraphernalia with free delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Custom (Int)

Tel (08) 9244 1058

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