Middle-tier computing more than a fad, Inprise execs say

Middle-tier computing more than a fad, Inprise execs say

On the verge of shipping its middle-tier enterprise application server, Inprise, formerly Borland, is banking on thin-client computing as more than just a passing craze.

According to Rick LeFaivre, Inprise's senior vice president of research and development, the shift to middle-tier thin-client computing "is not just a fad.

"This is more fundamental. It is almost like the third wave of the evolution of the computing platform -- from the centralised mainframe era, to the client/server era, now to the middle-tier application server era," he said.

"We think, in the next several years, this will increasingly be the model of choice for companies."

Inprise's Enterprise Application Server -- the cornerstone of the company's enterprise computing strategy -- is due for release by the end of the year. LeFaivre said despite a push in enterprise application development since the name change in April this year, Inprise is still committed to smaller developers.

"We don't want to leave them behind. In fact we'd like to give them opportunities," LeFaivre said. "We're simply saying from a distribution model of putting products on a shelf somewhere and hoping somebody buys it for $99 is not where the action is going to be in the future. We're looking more at how we achieve larger sales and how to support larger companies because that's where the money is. But we're not going to ignore those individual developers who have been with Borland from the beginning -- it's a balancing act."

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