Future Microsoft OS to pack a database

Future Microsoft OS to pack a database

Microsoft, already under fire from competitors and the US government for bundling its Web browser into Windows, will eventually build some database functions into its operating system, CEO and Chairman Bill Gates said this week [subbed].

"Over time, there will be a superstore for data in the operating system" Gates told attendees during a Q&A session with analysts at GartnerGroup's Symposium/ITxpo '98.

He described the database functions as a "superset" over the file system, which will provide functions such as data storage and caching. He provided no details on when such bundling would occur and was unavailable for questions after his talk.

But he did say that the database bundling is part of Microsoft's strategy to build in to the operating system features, such as transaction processing, that are used by many different applications.

Gates also dismissed criticisms that customers are being forced to pay higher and higher upgrade fees to Microsoft each year just to stay current with new software releases. "The actual revenue we get from each copy of Microsoft Office goes down every year," Gates said.

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