Counterfeiting doesn't pay for Vic dealer

Counterfeiting doesn't pay for Vic dealer

Microsoft recently released details of an out-of-court settlement made by Melbourne-based Z-Tek Computer.

According to a statement released by Microsoft, following a tip-off on the Microsoft's antipiracy hotline, it is believed several purchases of counterfeit products were made from Z-Tek by undercover investigators between July 1996 and March 1997.

The statement reads that Z-Tek made an out-of-court payment of $150,000, and was ordered by the Court not to trade in counterfeit Microsoft products.

Dave Wrathall, Microsoft Australia's OEM sales manager, told ARN: "We see trading in counterfeit products as a serious concern. Besides infringing our trademark, it confuses customers who may receive lower quality products than what they expect."

When contacted for comment, Z-Tek Computer's Nelson Zhou said, "I don't have anything to tell you against Microsoft . . . Microsoft is chas- ing people in the indus-try who are selling fake products.

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