Notes from the field It's not shows that are driving Bobby crazy

Notes from the field It's not shows that are driving Bobby crazy

Maybe I'm just getting too old, but the recent Internet World show had me beat. And it wasn't the news - it was the parties that did it for me. Rose left me in a trail of dust, as she lied her way into one press party after another.

SAP AG may be gearing up for another party.

The rumours that it is in the market to acquire an application-server vendor are getting stronger. SAP includes an application server as part of R/3, but apparently feels that third-party products are more robust and efficient.

Of course, I have only one week's respite before NetWorld+Interop in Atlanta, and I will be staying on for the Linux showcase which immediately follows it. I'm fully expecting the Linux parties to be fun, because the Linux bandwagon has been rolling along so speedily of late.

I hear that the next vendor to join the elite club of Linux supporters will be Allaire, in Massachussetts. Apparently the company is on the verge of porting its widely heralded ColdFusion Server to Linux. Allaire may be followed by NCR, which is also considering a version of Teradata for Linux, I'm told.

All but eclipsing

In fact, Linux is all but eclipsing Java as the OS that will defeat Microsoft. And I hear Java has its own problems at the moment, and that as a result, developers on the Java Management API newsgroup are getting a little testy. Some developers deployed the JMAPI code and have been waiting for more than six months to hear anything more about the next release from Sun.

And that's not the only Java problem. Users at the recent AS/400 conference were complaining that the applications using the Java virtual machine on the OS/390 platform are running "cripplingly slow."

It looks like Sun's Java is finally proving to be a real competitor for Microsoft's OSes. But when Sun said it was out to challenge Microsoft, I didn't realise it meant to best Microsoft's reputation for developing snail-paced operating systems that never get upgraded on time.

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