Dell turns up heat on corporate competition

Dell turns up heat on corporate competition

In the wake of its latest major corporate account win -- Sara Lee -- Dell Computer continues to aggressively target global accounts with it promises of consistent PC products and services anywhere in the world, according to CEO Michael Dell.

"These types of accounts want four consistent things: global products; global service; global pricing; and a single point-of-contact," Dell said in an IDG interview.

The deal with Sara Lee makes Dell the sole provider of desktop PCs and notebooks for the $US20 billion company, and it represents approximately $US30 million in sales for Dell annually.

"We haven't won servers yet," Dell noted.

The appeal to companies such as Sara Lee, Dell said, is to have global standardisation of its procurements, something Dell's direct-model sales can guarantee.

"If you have 30 different resellers in 30 different countries, you don't have global products or consistency," Dell said, taking his customary swipes at his competitors that employ the indirect sales model.

The consistency and standardisation that Dell strives to maintain in its products can sometimes forsake the advent of newer technologies. Technologically speaking, Dell's products have been accused of lacking innovation, a charge that Michael Dell happily accepts.

"We have products specifically tailored for predictability and reliability. You don't want all that blizzard of technology," Dell said.

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