Cold calling course targets resellers

Cold calling course targets resellers

A new sales program promising to give companies the skills to trigger sales from cold calling is making its way into the channel.

Aimed at assisting businesses to garner new clients, the two-day course from Intellworks incorporates sales theory and techniques with live over-the-phone training to overcome the struggle of cold calling.

Intellworks vice-president of Asia Pacific, Vic Whiteley, said resellers are often disadvantaged by not possessing the appropriate sales techniques.

To combat this, Intellworks’ sales course will help resellers reposition their sales pitch to incorporate non-technical issues and concerns, he said.

“Very small reseller businesses which are based on a good technical idea may have a lack of sales experience,” he said.

“Resellers need to pose questions to potential customers about their IT needs that are not technical.

They need to focus on how their solutions address a problem — rather than focus on the technology or box.”

For example, while security might be a technical issue, many representatives from large organisations making the decision on which security products or solution to buy are located in the boardroom, not the server room, he said.

With this in mind, resellers should be aiming to gather more information about the right person to speak to within an organisation, rather than attempt a direct sales pitch over the phone, Whiteley said.

Additionally, resellers should not try to oversell in the initial calling phase.

“It’s much harder to define what you are selling through cold calling,” Whiteley said.

“Most resellers for example, are systems integrators, selling combined hardware and software solutions. How do you explain this over the phone?”

He said the Intellworks cold call sales training course was targeting both vendor and reseller staff.

Although the company had not yet announced any Australian customers, US customers included HP, EDS and Computer Associates.

While Intellworks offers the course onsite, the company was looking to expand its presence into the broader training field, and was in the process of signing up with a large Asian-based training institute.

“Training organisations could use our course as a front-end to existing sales training,” he said.

The company had also been in discussions with distributors who looked at offering the cold calling sales course as part of their reseller training, Whiteley said. Although the course is usually conducted in-house, Whiteley said Intellworks was running a series of public workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra during September.

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