Nortel bolsters Accelar switches

Nortel bolsters Accelar switches

Nortel Networks last week rolled out software for its Layer 3 switches that could enable users to avoid network downtime.

As part of a broader strategy announcement focused on unifying voice, data and video networks, Nortel unveiled Version 1.3 of its Accelar switch software at NetWorld+Interop '98 here. Among the key features of Version 1.3:

MultiLink Trunking, for aggregating 100Mbps ports into a multigigabit logical linkVirtual Router Redundancy Protocol, for backing up failed linksLayer 2 IP Multicast and Internet Group Multicast Protocol snooping, for multicast transmission controlIP subnet-based virtual LANs, which let users assign multiple subnets on a single Accelar interfaceSupernetting via Classless Inter-Domain Routing, which permits the grouping of smaller subnet address spaces into one larger host address spaceThe enhancements will let the Accelar switches function more like traditional routers. Indeed, all the Accelar switches need now are WAN interface modules that would provide most of the features of IP routers, observers note.

Release 1.3 is free for all Accelar 1000 users and is available now.

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