Notes from the field: Bobby claims to hate the IT world

Notes from the field: Bobby claims to hate the IT world

I'm starting to hate the information age. I'm trying to plan which vendors to visit at NetWorld+Interop. Rose is with me, and on her suggestion we're playing the "buzzword" game. For every press release that contains marketing-speak (such as "turnkey solution", "seamless migration", and now - heaven forbid - "zero latency") we have to take a slug from the martini glass.

Microsoft's marketing department appears to have found a way to sidestep the question of whether Windows NT 5.0 should ship on time (or what passes for on time in Redmond) or ship late but feature-complete. An NT product manager at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference in Denver last week, said that shipping NT on time is, in itself, a "feature" of the OS. So let me get this straight: if it ships late - which it already is - then it's lacking the on-time "feature", which means it's not feature-complete, which means it should be delayed.

With any luck, Microsoft will follow this concept to its logical conclusion and disappear up its own flawed logic, leaving us to standardise on Linux, Java or whatever.

Stupidity personified

I hear that Personify has its own marketing problems. The company makes personalisation technology to let Internet-commerce marketers present customers with information based on their needs, as well as a data mining technology that gauges customer interests and presents spreadsheets to the marketing people.

At first, Personify touted the two products as one system, but found its customers - and even more worrisome its marketing department - couldn't get their heads around it. So they only released the data- mining part, but will soon release the engine to automate the presentation of customer- specific information.

Well, it's now the morning after the "buzzword" game and I'm beginning to think it wasn't such a good idea. Aside from my hangover, I can't even remember which companies I arranged to meet. Should be an interesting show.

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