Desperately seeking David

Desperately seeking David

Ever wonder whatever became of David Wallis, the former Mitsui powerbroker? In the wake of Mitsui's collapse, ARN's ears close to the situation heard whispers that he was planning to form a new company to distribute QuarkXPress, one of Mitsui's flagship products. In fact, ARN heard that he had all but lined up exclusive distribution of the product.

Then, suddenly, nothing. What happened? Someone who knows someone who knows someone at Tabloid heard from a friend of theirs that Wallis presented his business plan to the top brass at Quark, and they liked it. It was all ready for the final signatures on dotted lines when all of a sudden Quark produced its own plan for a business operating out of Singapore.

From what we've heard, the plan was identical to Wallis' plan with one exception: no David Wallis. Since then, we've not heard a thing about him, save for vague whispers about disgruntled former employees whose jobs evaporated and a Skase-like flight to Queensland.

If you're reading this, David, drop us a line on and let us know what you're up to.

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