Letter to the editor: More Compaq complaints

Letter to the editor: More Compaq complaints

Thank you for your article regarding Compaq's SAP problems. We are also a Compaq reseller and have had massive problems with Compaq regarding delivery of everything from desktop/servers to monitors. In short, the SAP implementation has been a total disaster for us, including the loss of a very large PC deal to Hewlett-Packard.

The situation one month after the beginning of the SAP implementation is that we still cannot get any sort of real data on stock. Compaq cannot tell us what they have in their store. We find out what we are getting when the orders turn up at our door. At the moment I am quoting customers two or three weeks on any Compaq product.

Also, our orders can take anything up to four days to be entered onto Compaq's system. Contrary to Compaq's claims that it is catching up to the backlog, it appears to be getting worse.

The reseller support hotline which should be the point of contact for resellers with any issues is virtually inoperable. You would have better luck in getting a taxi on New Year's Eve than getting through to it. 30 to 45 minutes on hold is now standard.

Name and company withheld

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