Online store creation comes to your browser

Online store creation comes to your browser

ShopSite TX 4.0.1 is a winning Internet-commerce solution for merchants and service providers alike. With ShopSite, service providers can offer an easy-to-use storefront creation tool that lets merchants configure their online stores in minutes, using only an Internet connection and a Web browser. In turn, merchants are freed from integrating shopping cart and online order-processing applications, which are handled by the service provider using Open Market's Transact.

ISPs can either run ShopSite TX along with Transact, providing a complete hosting solution, or work with an existing commerce service provider already running Transact, thus using ShopSite TX strictly to host stores. Meanwhile, merchants can use the service to create and manage stores. I tested the service as a merchant and found store creation and management to be quite simple. I did not have to download any software or engage in involved configuration.

The Store Setup wizard stepped me through the initial store creation process. The wizard's primary function is to get a store up and running quickly, and it does this exceedingly well. Using Web forms, the merchant supplies content for the home page and catalogue pages, parameters for shipping and taxes, and basic configuration choices for layout and colour schemes. Within 15 minutes, ShopSite TX published my store, which could accept orders and credit card payments.

The simple Catalog Center interface lets you fine-tune and maintain catalogue pages. The Commerce Center lets you track orders online, import reports into spreadsheets or databases for management and accounting, and configure the store for commerce.

Minimal effort

ShopSite TX helps ISPs enrol small businesses to engage in I-commerce with minimal effort and Web page editing expertise. In turn, the merchant gets a browser-based self-service centre and access to Transact as a powerful back end. Thus, ShopSite TX is clearly a win-win solution.

Pricing available on application.

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