Panasonic gives new angle to digital video cameras

Panasonic gives new angle to digital video cameras

Panasonic has released three new digital video cameras and is targeting the PC market with an RS-232C docking station and optional PC connection kit.

The NV-EX1 is the most compact of the range and is aimed at the executive market; while the NV-DA1 is large but more affordable, and the NV-DS77 is compact with a large LCD screen.

The digital video format known as DV that was launched several years ago is gaining acceptance amongst amateur and professional video makers, Panasonic officials said.

The DV format 8-bit digital compression recording system provides image and sound quality previously unattainable in a consumer video camera.

As well as offering digital video footage, it enables users to take a still shot by simply pressing the Digital Photo Shot button during shooting.

A single shot or still shot can be taken continuously at intervals of approximately 0.7 seconds, with a single 60 minute DV tape holding up to 750 shots.

These still shots can then be downloaded to a computer via the docking station and RS-232C terminal.

An optional PC connection kit is available with Windows-compatible software for selecting and importing still images that can be printed or saved as files. Digital video footage can also be transferred to the computer via a "Firewire" cable that can then be edited with appropriate software.

The cameras have a DV In/Out terminal that allows direct DV-to-DV dubbing and editing virtually free from any degradation in picture and sound quality.

The RRP for the NV-EX1ENA is $4399, while the NV-DA1ENA and NV-DS77ENA are priced at $3099 and $4599 respectively.

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