Oracle moves into warehousing

Oracle moves into warehousing

Oracle has confirmed that it is set to announce several recently acquired data warehousing tools and capabilities that, when combined, will form a new, integrated warehousing strategy, from the back end through management features.

Analysts said this is a strong step for the company. "This sounds like an integrated end-to-end data warehousing story," said Robert Craig, an analyst at Hurwitz Group. "It puts Oracle in a much stronger position than they were ever in before to be a major player in data warehousing. The only piece that sounds like it's missing is data-mining capabilities - which they'll probably partner with other vendors for."

Oracle will also announce the following:

The acquisition of One Meaning and its Marlow meta-data management software.

The purchase of the Aptiva line of analytical activity-based costing software from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The acquisition of Graphical Information along with its Dynamic Balanced Scorecard application.

The latest edition of Oracle's Data Mart Suite, which combines Oracle8 with design, building and reporting tools.

Oracle Application Business Intelligence System, a business intelligence warehouse that functions as a decision-support system for Oracle applications.

An alliance with IBM and Unisys on a standards proposal for a common meta-data warehouse interchange format called XMI, which lets developers exchange code and meta-data over the Internet using a common standard. Most vendors have announced support for Microsoft's meta-data standard, but several said they would also support the competing standard if users wanted it.

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