SCSI standard introduces ultra160/m SCSI

SCSI standard introduces ultra160/m SCSI

The computer industry may be buzzing with talk of FireWire and the Universal Serial Bus (USB), but there's still life in one of the tried-and-true hardware interfaces: SCSI. A group of well-known peripherals vendors has announced support for Ultra160/m SCSI, a new standard that promises up to twice the speed of Ultra2 SCSI, currently the fastest version of the technology.

Ultra160/m SCSI - the number stands for the interface's maximum throughput of 160Mbps - is an implementation of the Ultra3 SCSI standard recently ratified by the SCSI Trade Association. Vendors announcing support for Ultra160/m SCSI include Adaptec, Fujitsu, HP, LSI Logic, and Quantum. Ultra160/m SCSI is a subset of Ultra3 SCSI, but given its critical mass of support, the former is likely to become the industry's preferred implementation. The first Ultra160/m SCSI products should appear by 1999.

Ultra160/m SCSI has three key features: double-transition clocking, which increases data-transfer speeds by utilising the connection more efficiently; cyclical redundancy checking, which improves data protection; and domain validation, which provides a way of testing storage networks. by IDG Staff

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