Netbridge wins ISDN network deal

Netbridge wins ISDN network deal

Australian vendor Jtec has been awarded a $420,000, 18-site ISDN network upgrade for national transport company K&S Group.

Bill Mackay, K&S' group IT manager, was apparently unhappy with the performance of K&S' previous supplier, a prominent integrator, and its recommendation to change from ISDN to a frame relay network.

"We weren't in the position to run separate networks for voice and data," Mackay said. "We went with ISDN because we found it's an inherently better technology for voice traffic."

According to John Kavanagh, a Jtec sales executive, Jtec had to initially recover the existing voice network as it was collapsing. They then installed Jtec Virtual Exchanges.

Sub-contractor Netbridge also won an $80,000 slice of the pie to install Cisco routers. This was quite a windfall, as the deal only came about thanks to a cold call to the company, according to Kit Craig, Netbridge's Vendor Alliance manager.

In fact, AMS, Netbridge's partner under the AAG Group banner, made the call and then referred K&S to Netbridge.

According to Mackay the K&S decision to run with Netbridge was made after it had opted to minimise its supply partners.

Netbridge asserts that it won the contract on its own merits but admits that K&S' dissatisfaction with its existing system helped the process along a little.

"Netbridge submitted a proposal and a quality plan and statement of work to K&S," Craig said. He believed Netbridge was then selected over the previous suppliers because it made project management a higher priority than technical expertise and was able to provide product and services across a wide range of technologies.

As a result, Netbridge and networking vendor Jtec partnered to implement the 18-site ISDN network in a single day. Craig also suggested that Netbridge's national presence was another factor in winning the contract.

"The Cisco systems that were used for the implementation were run up on Netbridge premises the week before the installation then were shipped out on K&S transport."

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